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Version: 0.0.51


Plugin to let players submit replays for review by server moderators.

It works like this:

  • Player sends a replay clip to the server by pressing Ctrl+Shift+S (CSP 0.1.76+ required)
    • Replay is saved on the server in the folder reports/, along with a json file containing a list of connected players and events
  • Player uses the /report <reason> command to specify a reason for the report
    • Discord message is sent to a specified webhook, containing the replay and json file as an attachment
  • Moderators can review the replay and take appropriate action


Enable the plugin in extra_cfg.yml

- ReportPlugin

Example configuration (add to bottom of extra_cfg.yml)

# Length of replay clips
ClipDurationSeconds: 60
# Discord webhook URL to send reports to. Optional, reports will be logged to the server log if you leave this empty