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Version: 0.0.53


Plugin that changes weather randomly.


For smooth weather transitions and rain you need to set EnableWeatherFx to true in extra_cfg.yml.


Enable the plugin in extra_cfg.yml

- RandomWeatherPlugin

Example configuration (add to bottom of extra_cfg.yml)
For a list of weather types that can be used with WeatherWeights see WeatherFX Types

# Weights for random weather selection, setting a weight to 0 blacklists a weather, default weight is 1.
LightThunderstorm: 2.0
Thunderstorm: 0.0
Hurricane: 0.5
# Minimum duration until next weather change
MinWeatherDurationMinutes: 15
# Maximum duration until next weather change
MaxWeatherDurationMinutes: 60
# Minimum weather transition duration
MinTransitionDurationSeconds: 180
# Maximum weather transition duration
MaxTransitionDurationSeconds: 600