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Version: 0.0.53


Sample to show how to add custom HTTP routes and chat commands to the server.


Please keep in mind that AssettoServer is licensed under the AGPL license. This license requires that all changes to the server code, including plugins, is made open source.

How to create your own plugin

Create a new Class Library project and make sure to have the following in your *.csproj file:

<ProjectReference Include="..\AssettoServer\AssettoServer.csproj">

Then create a class that implements the IAssettoServerPlugin (for plugins without configuration) or IAssettoServerPlugin<T> interface (for plugins with configuration). You can check the other plugins to see how configuration is handled, but basically you can append sections to extra_cfg.yml like this:

!<type of your configuration class>
Config1: Value1
Config2: Value2